Wednesday, January 13, 2010

thrown off

Well, I was a bit off today. Got a call at 6am to sub at a pre-school, so my plans for working out after breakfast were thrown to the side. I didn't get to the gym until 1:45 - and I was a little dehydrated and just tired from being on my feet for most of the morning. Anyway, the plan said deadlifts again...yippee!....not! It was the 6 reps at max weight. So after warming up my back and legs, I loaded the bar up. Reps were 1 @ 155lbs, 2 @ 165lbs, 1@170, 1 @ 170 (failed) and 2 x 165. It just went fairly fast and while each one was difficult (I definitely tried not to look at my riduculous grimace in the mirror), I wasn't feeling all that bad....until....I got on the treadmill. The legs felt like they had lead in them. I scraped the recommended run (just didn't feel like trying to figure out times) and opted to do 3 miles - .25 easy pace, and .25mile hard...that was plenty for me today - time was 25.23 for that.