Wednesday, January 27, 2010

row, row, row the pain away

So I thought I was ready to do some damage to this 5K row...but it ends up being 23 seconds slower than my last one in December. Final time 21:12. My legs are just dead (still) from the thrusters on Monday, but I felt like I pushed it. Until next time.

I did the second workout soon after....just don't really have the time or patience to split them sometimes. 12 x :30sec on/:30 distance was .88 in 6 minutes. that's all folks.


  1. Was your 2nd workout a bike? And I also thought I was going to kill the rower yesterday as well and beat my December 5k time, there will always be a next time

  2. No - it was a run...I would have had no patience for a 12 minute bike ride. Hope you're doing well!