Thursday, January 21, 2010

A challenge

So last night I told my husband that it was hard for me to get my heartrate up while swimming because I just lose my stroke in the process- he pretty much made fun of me...but today, my goal was to see what would happen. Warmed up with a 500 - main set was 10x50s on 1 minute. I held :37s for 8 of them and 2 of them were :38s, rested for an extra minute and did another 50 and time was :36. My heart was pounding and in taking my pulse, it was in the upper 170s. Mission accomplished...although my stroke was definitely crappy on the last quarter of each 50 yds. Maybe since I'm in the water, it just doesn't feel as painful as it does on land. I finished with 7 x 50's backstroke on 1 min - held :43/:44 and then did a 100 for time - 1:24. That stroke felt good. Ttl yards - 2100.

Today if the pool had been warm, I would have fallen asleep. I assume it's lack of sleep and the build up of workouts over the week.

Before I hit the pool, I had my CF workout...I knew it would be tough even if it was short. When warming up on the bike, my legs were wiped. The workout was 500M row/15 push-ups (knees) x 4. I started up and went about 250 meters before realizing that I hadn't started my watch. Okay, breathe and start again. All finished at 10:52. Still amazes me how a quick one like this can feel so hard.


  1. Can you bottle your swim stroke and send it my way! Miss Speedy.

  2. I am lucky if I finish my 50's in 58-60 seconds! I know I'll have no trouble finding my bike at T1!