Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm smiling now..that's because I know tomorrow is a rest day. And I'm actually ready for one. My back is sore, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Even though I thought today's workout would be a bit painful on the back since burpees are a part of it, I headed to the gym anyway.

This is another day I wish I had a gym in my basement so I don't feel like a crazy idiot - I know I shouldn't care - eventually I'll get over it. 10/20/30 reps of box jumps, pull ups (used the gravitron and did 60lbs), push-ups and burpees. The first set of 10s was a piece of cake and then body parts started failing on the 20 rep rounds...pull ups were broken into 5s and the burpees had me sucking wind. Let's just say that by the 30 rep round, each burpee had to be done individually and my heartrate was in the time 15:42.

Took a little breather and headed to the bike for a tabata 32x (:20/:10). I covered 5.93 miles...this is on a lifefitness cycle (with the cool screen), level 15. I probably covered more distance than I should have since I didn't do it 100% correctly - I slowed down during the :10 instead of stopping fully becauseI noticed when i stopped that the bike was still counting mileage. Heartrate was in 150s for most and 160 by finish. Next time I hope to do the tabata on my trainer at computer is no longer working so I need to get in gear and go get a replacement.

I'm realizing how amazing it is that just a 1/2 hour of working out can be quite taxing on the body. Did I mention already that tomorrow is a rest day?

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  1. Hey Christina, my name is Ken and I found your blog through the Crossfit endurance web site. I look forward to following you on your journey to IMLP 10, it was my first and loved it!! I'm new to the whole crossfit endurance thing and would like to implement it for my training this year. I'm more of an old school LSD trainer so this will be new for me.