Thursday, January 14, 2010


Why does a 20 minute workout take 1 hour or more at the gym? Lately I find myself warming up for a while, going to the bathroom a few extra times, must be the anticipation of these lovely CF sessions. Once I'm done with it...I'm pretty much outta there! So, today's workout - 400M run, 20 box jumps and 20 wall balls-14lbs (5 times for time) - 18:58 and heartrate at the finish was in the low 180's/high 170's...took the pulse twice because didn't think it could be right the first time. Finished that and off to the pool I went where I thought it would actually feel good to get in and move all the body parts. Everything just felt super heavy - especially the legs pushing off walls and definitely felt sore in the back from those deadlifts. All that said, I managed to get in 2500 yards, which was definitely more than I thought I'd do after I first jumped in. Main set was 5x200's descend with final one being 2:44 and 5x100's pull w/ paddles descend (final one being 1:18). Got out of there and even with a bit of a headache, it was worth getting in.

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