Sunday, January 10, 2010

Indoors for today

It is freezing today. I would have liked to have run outside but the 6 degree temp (at least when I was ready to go) convinced me otherwise. I had looked forward to today's workout...a 90 minute run. When I sat down with Max to create my plan, I knew that I wanted to have crossfit as part of it (well, did I have a choice?) and I am thankful for it as I can see my strength improve. But I also felt it was important to have a longer run or bike workout incorporated into my plan because it is a mental thing for me to know that I can complete the mileage.

While the plan said LSD (meaning long, slow, distance), the goal was to see how far I could go in the 90 minute time frame. Because of cross-fit, my running has definitely improved in terms of speed and endurance. Today I went 10.94 miles (avg. 8:13 min miles- ran between 7.2 -7.5 mph) and while I hit the 170s in my heartrate, especially trying to break the 11 mile mark by the end, I am tired, but not sore. Definitely looking forward to getting outside and seeing what I can do on my 10ish mile loop.

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