Friday, January 29, 2010

Squat and Run

Back squats (5-5-5-5-5) favorite! NOT! I feel like such a whoosie on these...once my form starts to change and I feel like I'm falling forward, I hesitate putting more weight on. I started at 65 for the first set, 85, 105 (woah-too much- could barely get up on 4th & 5th), 100, 100. My goal next time is to warm up the legs a little more and see if I can't put more weight on.

The good thing about the squats is once I've done those, my legs are pumped to run. I warmed up and was supposed to do 1x100, 2x200 and 3x300...couldn't deal with the distances so made it more simple and did 1x .10, 2x .20 and 4 x 400's - they felt great and I was holding 9.0 on the treadmill while doing all these runs. It helps when you have a female Olympic Marathon qualifier running next to you at 5 1/2 minute miles. Now that's motivation.

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