Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuck with it

I was sort of dreading the workout today since it was 50 x 45lb thrusters for time. I was concerned that it might be too much weight for me. I got the bar ready started my clock and off I went...managed to put up 15 before having to break, did another 10, break, 10, break, legs shaking/arms shaking - and finished with 5-5-4 (almost having the weight land on my head) and then one last one. My legs were really shaking, but I was pleased that I stuck with the weight and didn't take any off. It took 7 minutes, 7 seconds. Again, who would have thought this was going to be that bad?

Onto the pool. Mental note: no thrusters before pool - arms and legs not functioning properly. Main set was 3 x 300's pull descend and the times were okay but not great. I need to find a way to regain some focus in the pool - when it's empty, my mind just wanders into all the stuff that's going on in life...managed another set which was 6x75 IMs and those actually felt strong...maybe it was good to change up the stroke.

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