Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swim and partner AMRAPs

Swim today - again, I do not enjoy it when I haven't been in the water for a while. For me, it's like starting from scratch. 2500 total yards...600 w.up. 4x100's kick on 2 min
Main set: 2x250's on 4:30- middle 50 backstroke, 4x150's on 2:30 middle 50 back, 6 x 75 IMS on 1:30...50 warm down

WOD with Ironworks. Partner AMRAP
Run to end of rink and back while partner is doing burpees then switch...for 8 minutes. count total burpees - 101

2nd AMRAP - 15 tire step ups and then partner is doing wall balls...count # of wall balls after 8 142.



  1. You are really getting back at it! What's next? :)

  2. another woman who had a child doing it as kids did not want to be my partner that day...they were not happy that I was there. Too bad little people.