Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last day...

of trying to fit in workouts when kids are home. It can be difficult at times just to find an hour or 2 when you have to drive them somewhere every other hour....but I survived! Thank goodness for crossfit sessions.

As sad as I am that summer is already over, I know that we are all ready to get back into a routine!

Today, the WOD was what the kids did at Ironworks (I did it at home)...20 pushups, 40 situps and 60 squats to the ball x 4 with 3 minutes rest between each round. The times for each set were as follow: 4:12, 4:00, 4:04, 3:51. I think the first set was slower because I was not fully warmed up and the squats killed me. I thought I'd do some running after that, but fe getta bout it...no chance. Also, come to find out that my oldest 2 beat me....time to work harder. : )


  1. They are shorter, so they have less distance to the ball! :-)

  2. True, Dan! They move a lot more quickly on those than I do for sure. My legs haven't been doing squats, so I am definitely sore today!!

    Are you still basking in the glory!! What's next to conquer!!?

  3. Oh, I like that one, will try it for sure. Perfect one for a rainy evening.