Thursday, August 26, 2010

back to pool

So sore today...can't believe how my legs feel. Went to the pool to see if I could loosen them up...nope, didn't work. Probably didn't help that I gardened and mowed for 4 hours -long time bending over, standing and walking. Anyway, workout was 800 swim, 200 kick w.u. followed by 8x50's on 1 min - 2 of each stroke. Mainset: 6x150's pull - 2 on 2:30, 2 x 2:20 and 2x2:10..held between 2 and 2:05. Last set was 3x100's kick with fins and a warm down.

Thought I'd get in a bike today sin
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ce it was gorgeous out, but legs are wiped...will try tomorrow. : )

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