Friday, October 1, 2010

sliding and a good run

Yesterday - I took a look out the window, saw the downpour, and decided the effort to get to the gym was too much yesterday. We have a treadmill downstairs, but didn't feel like running. Last year, I purchased a hockey slide for the kids, so that was my machine today...workin' those inner thighs. The WOD - 2 x 300 slides for time. 1st one was 10:36 and the 2nd was 10:13. My lower back, thighs and butt were screamin', but in a good way always.

Today - to the gym. Good solid run. 6.96 miles in 1 hour. 10K was 53:40. Finished with situps, some 75# bench presses and some 65# cleans. Red, hot, sweaty, tired.


  1. The sliders sound totally fun and a great way to work those muscles in a different way!

    New puppy!!

  2. It sounds like you are training for something.......

  3. that sounds like fun and the diversity is great.