Monday, October 18, 2010

biked yesterday for 50 minutes...don't know the distance yet since i didn't map it out and my odometer wasn't working again...let's just say it did not feel very fast. also, the gears are all switching on me when i start to lower the resistance. not good. i thought i just had this bike all tuned up. i had hoped for a lovely pleasant smooth ride, but no such luck. it was a workout.

anyway, saturday was an off day and friday i managed to get in a 47 minute run and do 15 hang cleans (or whatever you call them)...max has set up a gym in our garage with pull up bar, weights, rings, no excuses. Hagen loves it...he had a PR deadlift of 185 the other day....I've never even attempted to lift that amount. He's a little obsessed with CF as he box jumps steps in our house, does Double unders while waiting for the bus and pushups on the counter on an on-going basis...but I guess I shouldn't complain - it's not watching TV or playing video games, right?

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