Monday, October 4, 2010


"Jerry" was posted on the CF website yesterday, but instead I threw it in for today.

WOD - 1 mile run, 2K row, 1 mile run for time. Total time: 24:14. Times on individual stuff: 7:36 mile, 8:20 row, 7:40 mile...and then the rest is time going from one piece of equipment to another and getting it going.

This workout was exhausting...but better than a 5K for was nice to break it up with a row in between although after the first 500M it was a countdown to get it done.

Finished with extensions and 10 26#KB swings (wup was 1/2 mile elliptical and 5 burpees)

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  1. i saw this on mainsite. looks like an interesting one.