Monday, October 25, 2010

4 day summary

Friday - gym. 4 miles on treadmill...1% incline - started at 6.5 and increased .2 mph each 1/2 mile for 3 miles, then upped the incline to 3% and ran 1/2 mile, and then dropped incline to 0% for last 1/2 mile and ran at a 6:58 that feeling of no incline after running up a hill.
finished with situps, KBs no particular order

Weekend...a workout. No Max around - driving kids from 7:30 in morning to 8pm at night.

Today. Got an hour run in. Felt great to move the legs. Used 20 # KB for side extensions. And did 12 push presses 45#. May try and get a CF workout in later if not much is going on.

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